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artsound_logoArtSound е водеща белгийска марка на високоговорители и системи за мултирум аудио. Продуктова гама на компанията е гаранция за безупречно качество и красив дизайн.

ArtSound предлага интелигентни аудио решения за потребителите и бизнеса, с персонализирани, надеждни продукти на отлична цена.


Целта на системата е да ни накара да се почувстваме вътре в действието на филма или концерта, да ни накара да го почувстваме и преживеем, да ни откъсне от реалността, грижите и проблемите, за да можем да се насладим на онова което сме избрали за гледане. За да постигнем тези прости на пръв поглед изисквания са ни необходими реален безупречен звук с динамика максимално близка до реалността (шепотът да е шепот,а гърмът -гръм). Картината трябва да е наситена, но същевременно реална, а не пре-експонирана, за да може мозъка да се освободи от преградата на техниката и да отключи нивото на емоциите.


Artsound AS5002 HGB – Front Speakers


AS5002 HGB

[expand title="Повече"]This decorative, elegant tower loudspeaker has a unique design and guarantees unlimited listening pleasure. Its advanced technological composition will lift your music to a higher plane. The double woofer (split mid-range and low tones) and the separate chambers in the cabinet, supplemented by a high-quality tweeter produce an exceptionally warm and detailed sound. High-end in a slim body. For anyone who wants to experience music or films at a high level. Available in glossy black or black wood finish. Complete with dynamic base with spikes.[/expand]

Artsound AS-C350 HGB - Center Speaker


Artsound AS350 HGB – Surround Speakers


[expand title="Повече"]The tapered cabinet design ensures a warm sound and a detailed sound reproduction. The lacquered finishing (4 layers) provides a classy look. Complete with bracket.

The AS350 has a sleek and funky design without a grill. Using the wall bracket, you can align it perfectly in any direction you choose.[/expand]

Artsound FL-A80 B - Subwoofer

FL-A80 B

[expand title="Повече"]The ultimate cinema experience with the ultra-tiny subwoofer: the FL-A80 makes it possible. This woofer combines an 8” driver with a built-in amplifier that generates 100 W. This enables it to produce sound that can even fill the most spacious living room, enabling you to have the ultimate cinema experience right in your very own home. Thanks to its discreet design, you can give the subwoofer its own place in your interior, behind a curtain or chair, or under a sofa or  cup

board. Thanks to the brackets supplied, you can also mount it on the wall. The FL-A80 may be easily adapted to suit your taste. The high-level inputs boast the latest in technical ingenuity. Thanks to the individual volume and phase control, you can easily install the subwoofer in any room you like.[/expand]


Ресивър : Marantz SR5007


Marantz SR5007

[expand title="Повече"]Combining network capability and audiophile sound, the Marantz SR5007 Home Theater Receiver is an ideal media center for any home theater system. With Marantz’s classic “star and circle” front display, the receiver offers both style and comprehensive features, including an Ethernet port, six HDMI inputs, and playback of the latest hi-definition audio formats. AirPlay allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad over your home network. Two audio zones and additional support for Bluetooth devices make the SR5007 a powerful and versatile solution for all your home theater and music listening needs.

100-watt, 7.2-channel AV receiver delivers optimal surround sound in any room of the house

Inludes an Ethernet port, six HDMI inputs, and offers playback of the latest hi-definition audio formats.[/expand]


Телевизор: SONY W805


Sony W805


Плеър: Marantz UD5007 – Blu-ray 3D за качествено възпроизвеждане на дискове

Marantz UD5007

[expand title="Повече"]Play Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and More
Well suited for your living room, play room, or home theater room, the UD5007 Networking Universal Disc Player from Marantz lets you enjoy Blu-ray discs along with DVDs, CDs, Super Audio CDs (SACDs), and DVD-Audio (DVD-A) discs–making the device extremely versatile. The UD5007 is also 3D capable, allowing you to watch the latest 3D Blu-ray discs.

Stream Videos and More
Thanks to advanced networking capabilities, the UD5007 not only plays discs but can stream digital content from the Internet and your home network. As a result, you can enjoy online video services such as YouTube, Netflix, VUDU, and Hulu on your television as well as share digital music, videos, and more from your home computer. (VUDU and Hulu are available in the United States only, and subscriptions are sold separately.)

Fast, Whisper-Quiet Performance
With a rigid, precision design, and because it contains no fan, the UD5007 offers exceptionally quiet performance–making it great for your family room. An advanced transport mechanism quickly loads and plays discs and has been shown to be 20 percent faster than comparable players.

Control the Universal Player from Your Smartphone or Tablet
When paired with a Marantz network receiver, you can control the UD5007 wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, or Android-based smartphone or tablet. The app is available online as a free download.

Product and Warranty Information
In addition to an HDMI output and an Ethernet port, the UD5007 includes a two-channel RCA analog output with wide-spaced, gold-plated connectors, offering high quality 2-channel playback. A USB port on the front panel lets you plug in your USB flash drive. This product is DLNA 1.5 compliant, allowing you to stream audio, video, and photos from a networked computer or compatible NAS[/expand]

Плеър: DUNE Base 3.0 –  Мултимедиен 3D аудио-видео плеър

Dune HD Base 3D

[expand title="Повече"]DUNE Base 3.0 е достъпен мултимедиен аудио и видео плеър с пълна поддръжка на 3D. Базиран е на новата и мощна платформа на Sigma Designs 8672.

• 3D поддръжка на всички възможни формати – 3D Blue-ray, SBS, Top/Bottom

• HD звук – насладете се на върховото качество при Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Audio, LPCM, FLAC, APE. Пълноценна поддръжка на HD звук – bitstream /до 7.1/ или декодиране до LPCM /до 7.1/.

• HDMI 1.4 – съвместимост с най-новите 3D телевизори и проектори

• Възпроизвеждане на видео, музика, снимки от всякакъв източник – твърд диск, от компютър по мрежата, NAS сървър или външен диск.

• Твърд диск с Hot Swap – поддръжка на 4TB твърди дискове.[/expand]