We strive to exceed your expectations by delivering cost-effective, high-quality solutions by using the best technologies.


Conceptual Development

We offer creative development of audio and video systems, home theater sound system and more. We have over 10 years of experience and over 1000 successfully completed projects. Our work is entirely focused on the customer needs, we strive to anticipate fashion and not slaves of a brands. We know in detail all the modern technologies, world best practices and standards, thanks to which we can develop ideas for audio video layout, distribution, functions and capabilities for you.

Selection consultation

We provide professional consulting for the selection of systems and class of components, fully tailored to the requirements of the investor. Our knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to supply all models and brands of equipment regardless of the importer or distributor allowing us to work in the interest of the investor and not of a particular trader. You will receive impartial and objective advice from us regarding your specific needs and budget.


Prior to launching an audio video project, home theater system, or "multyroom" sound system, it is strongly recommended that you set a realistic and workable budget. This involves defining systems and components in the price range for each room individually, thanks to which we can prioritize and make optimal use of the funds invested in the different rooms. Because electronic devices work as a single system, the process of determining the final cost of your project is more complex. We will help you design a system that meets both your budget and your requirements in terms of capabilities and quality.

Room Acoustics

You probably noticed how the acoustics has a great impact on the sound and comfort of the environment in a professional concert hall, movie theater or auditorium, even in a restaurant. At home, office, home theater, dining room, conference room, the acoustics is also of great importance. The requirements for stereo music, home theater, speech intelligibility, or high background noise are different and should be individually tailored to each decision.

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Emplacement Project

Positioning and allocation of the system elements in unison with the interior and exterior. Emplacement by global standards for the size and distribution of audio visual systems (THX, DOLBY…). Selection of the elements and functions to maximize the both design and quality to expand the maximum pleasure of watching and listening. With us you can avoid emplacement errors that can results uncomfortable use of the equipment.

Wiring Project

For good and reliable functioning of any audio video system: Satellite, cable or IP TV; internet distribution and media sharing; background music, multiroom sound system; Home Cinema, Stereo Listening, Video Games or Karaoke and Party Sound, appropriate wiring should be built to meet the requirements of these systems, in accordance with their class and quality, and to ensure that they can be further upgraded or modified.We offer preparation of cables according to the project for interior design and distribution of appliances.

Interior Design

Designing of complex interior details in cooperation with furniture designers, interior designers and architects. We can offer complete interior design of your Home Cinema room or Conference room. Audio-visual systems are becoming more complex with the advancement of technologies and always work best when they are fully integrated into the design process and the subsequent construction of the place. Therefore, projects usually involve working together between architects, designers and technicians. There is a possibility of embedding in the elements and positioning 100% in accordance with the interior or exterior elements.


The complexity of modern technologies makes the AV systems difficult to manage and operate without set of knowledge. On the other hand, every user wants to rich the maximum of the functionality and capabilities by pressing one button. This provokes the introduction of control and automation systems. Thanks to automation, we can manage all the equipment, lighting, blinds, heating and security in one graphical interface, which frees us from the complexity of the systems without loose of their functionality. Automation and control systems can be complete for all home or office systems, or partial, for example, covering only a home theater room.

Control of implementation

Execution control, intermediate and final measurements. Often during the project implementation there are contractors selected by the investor for certain elements and activities (cable routing, lighting, SCS networks and etc.). It is necessary to make wiring measurements and control the quality of  the execution of complex elements with involved several contractors.

Systems integration

Coordination and connection with all other systems that can be integrated with the audio-video systems (security, signaling, etc.). If you already have security and signaling systems, intercom system ... we will check the connectivity and make the necessary integrations with your system.

Deadlines and Supplies

Schedule of delivery of the equipment. When supply systems like background sound system, home theater, stereo, television system, conference system and etc., a set of brands is used and they has a different delivery time and installation time. The project manager strictly monitors when what equipment is needed to meet deadlines so that the process can run smoothly and on time.

Installation and Setup

Control and responsibility for installation and setup of the systems. Installation of equipment can be performed by our specialists or by a contractor selected by the client for all assembly activities, as well as by a manufacturer's representative if necessary. The job of the project manager is to coordinate and ensure proper and high quality installation.

Calibration and Programming

We provide programming, configuring and calibrating the Systems after the installation. Adjustments must be made to ensure that the equipment is maximized their performance (the correct setting is 30% of quality). In automation systems requiters to be programmed and control algorithms to be set after installation.

Training for usage

After completing the audio-video system, training is provided for operating and displaying all the functionality so that the user can enjoy the full features from day one.

Support and Warranty

At Alex Auido Video, we believe that support is as important as initial installation. That is why we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. We are available for adding new devices, replacing devices, checking settings, recalibrating, preventing equipment and warranty, and after-sales service in the unpleasant moments of equipment failure.

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