Kramer VP-427UHD HDMI Switcher

Kramer VP-427UHD HDMI Switcher -4K HDBT Receiver / Scaler Tool with HDBaseT and HDMI Inputs

  • Резолюция 4K60 (4: 2: 0)
  • Лесно превключване
  • Автоматично превключване на входовете
  • Бутон за избор на вход на предния панел
  • Ethernet, IR, RS-232 контрол и настройка



Kramer VP-427UHD HDMI Switcher

VP−427UHD is a comprehensive 4K HDBaseT receiver scaler with a local HDMI input. It supports automatic and manual switching between the 2 inputs, with fast and visually seamless transitions. The unit up−scales, down−scales, and cross−scales to resolutions up to 4K@60 (4:2:0). The output resolution is set by the user or follows the native resolution of the source.

  •  Comprehensive Receiver/Scaler — Scales signals of all standard resolutions up to 4K (4:2:0) for routing to the HDMI output. Constant output sync prevents signal disruption when switching between inputs and when no video is detected.
  •  Flexible Audio Output — Analog balanced stereo and digital S/PDIF outputs for de–embedding the audio output.
  •  Data Tunneling — Extend RS–232, IR, and Ethernet over the HDBaseT line.
  •  Cost–Effective and Convenient Control Options — Ethernet and RS–232 serial ports, and local control via front panel input selection and OSD menu buttons.
  •  Versatile Powering Options — Power the unit with PoE (Power over Ethernet) over the HDBaseT line or with the power adapter.
  •  Easy Installation — Single cable connectivity for both the HDBaseT signal and PoE power. Compact MegaTOOLS® fan–less enclosure for surface mounting or side–by–side mounting of 2 units in a 1U rack space with the recommended rack adapter.


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