IR екстендер

140 лв.

IR екстендер за управление на до 6 скити уствойства. Позволява скрит монтаж на уредите и изваждане IR сензори за приемане на сигнала от дистанционното.



 IR екстендер за управление на до 6 устройства

Марка: Marmitek

Operate your A/V equipment even through closed cupboard doors.
Operate your A/V devices with ease without having to have them in view (max. 6).
Works with almost all brands and models and is also suitable for new IR code formats (such as RC-MM) which are used in many new HD devices and digital TV decoders.
Incorporates new IR filter techniques for use in the vicinity of Flat Screen TVs (Plasma, LCD and LED), indirect sunlight and energy-efficient light bulbs.
With the exception of the very small IR receiver, the complete set can be located completely out of sight.
Works on USB mains power (adapter included) or can be connected to a free USB port on one of your A/V devices.
Optimised for use with all digital TV providers in Europe, like BT Vision, Freesat, Freeview, Sky TV and Virgin.

How does the Invisible Control Control 6 work?
Locate your A/V device in a closed cabinet or TV unit. The IR receiver must be located in view of your remote control. Stick the IR LEDs on the front panel of your A/V equipment and then hide the IR main module. Point the remote control towards the small IR receiver in order to send the desired command (via the IR module) to the IR LEDs; these will then send on this infrared command to the A/V equipment.

Set includes
1 x distribution amplifier
1 x IR receiver
2 x 3 LED IR emitters
1 x power supply
1 x instruction manual

Technical Data
IR Module
Feed POWER: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, mini USB (supplied).
IR LEDs connections: 2 x 2.5 mm jack (mono).
IR Receiver connection: 1 x 3.5 mm jack (mono)
Dimensions: 80 x 43 x 19 mm

IR receiver
Frequency range: 30-60 KHz.
IR reception range: ± 10 metres.
Length of cable: 3 metres
IR reception angle: 60° (+30°/-30° from centre).
Dimensions receiver bloc: 15 x 30 x 11 mm.

IR Extension cable
IR LEDs: 2x IR extender cables with 3 blinking LEDs
Length of cable: 3 metres

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