Stewart Director’s Choice 2.0 – Variable Masking Screens

Екран за домашно кино с подвижна маска за различни формати (4:3, 16:9)
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Екран за домашно кино с подвижна маска за различни формати (4:3, 16:9) – Stewart Director’s Choice 2.0


The Stewart Director’s Choice 2.0 is the ultimate marriage of the world’s best screen materials and the most precise masking system available.

This reference electric screen system is now being purpose-built to meet the requirements of Anthony Grimani’s PMI 2.0 video projection solution. PMI’s innovative 2.0 video projection solution allows for maximum picture size, regardless of the source’s aspect ratio without electronic scaling artifacts. PMI 2.0 is the latest and most dramatic home cinema video display system. It puts the “Wow Factor” back into home cinema. In the evolution from 1.33:1, 1.78:1, and “Constant-Height” 2.35:1, it’s the next natural step. The picture area between 2.35 and 1.78 are almost identical, favoring both  equally. PMI engineers the projector and screen system to match the viewing angle to the source resolution and maximize picture size across the entire range of current and future  formats.

Not only can this system create any aspect ratio, but it can present multiple sizes of the same aspect ratio for different source resolutions and even different audience configurations. With the Director’s Choice 2.0 built from a 2.0:1 screen area, the solution reduces the amount of screen masking between picture formats and  provides a method for  displaying multiple aspect ratios while maintaining proper viewing distances based upon picture resolution. With this incredibly flexible approach, the Director’s Choice 2.0 may  represent the last screen system a homeowner will ever require by providing total flexibility and future proofing of the video screen and masking system. Never again must you cope with unsightly black bars, image cropping or improper picture sizing for lower resolution source material.

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