Активна Тонколона Earthquake PRO DJ-8M

433 лв.

Earthquake PRO DJ-8M

Активна двулентова тонколона, изключително подходяща за озвучаване на караоке, музика на живо,
училища, зали, храмове, конферентни, заседателни и фитнес зали. Лесно преносима. Подходящо се съчета със субуфер на Earthquake.

Цена на брой!



Earthquake DJ-8M 8” Powered 2-Way Monitor/PA Speaker 480 Watts

Perfect For Anyone

The new DJ-8M from Earthquake is the instant, all-purpose sound reinforcement solution for anyone anywhere.

For easy system integration, each DJ-8M is self-powered using a high efficiency 480 Watt MAX amplifier. A 1/4″ Jack input for microphone means you can connect a dynamic microphone directly to the system for quick on-the-fly speak applications. It can easily be placed on any surface or mounted on a pole.


DJ-8M is the quintessential do-it-all loudspeaker system. The DJ-8M is designed to be user-friendly with no compromise in performance. In fact, they are so easy and straightforward to use that they don’t even come with a manual.

Small footprint, lightweight and versatile- the DJ-8M is perfect for virtually any situation where sound reinforcement is needed. Being for public address,karaoke, live reinforcement, club use or impromptu speaking at coffee shops, schools, fitness centers, etc.


Built from the ground up with the fundamental elements that makes a product distinctly Earthquake – Power, Performance and Quality. DJ-8M offers amazing performance at an unparalleled price. The compact powered speaker has become the essential easy go-to solution for DJ’s, musicians, and pro audio professionals. It is our sincere belief that the combination of price, performance and quality makes the DJ-8M the best in this category on the market today.

Proven Track Record

For over 27 years Earthquake has been designing and manufacturing top quality audio equipment. The DJ-8M is no exception to this ledger of excellence. We are certain that you will enjoy using them for many years.

Intended Use:

  • DJ and/or Pro Sound applications
  • PA systems, Karaoke,live music
  • Schools, halls, places of worship
  • Conference/meeting rooms
  • Gyms/fitness centers

Special Features & Highlights:

• Model nr.: DJ-8M
• EAN: 0168975910936

• Built-in 480 Watts MAX amplifier
• 8-inch woofer with 1.5-inch voice coil
• Compression Tweeter driver with 1-inch voice coil
• Wide dispersion horn design for maximum uniform coverage
• Impact resistant nylon fiber reinforced ABS cabinet
• 1/4-inch microphone input with separate gain control
• Line RCA inputs
• 1/4-inch output connector
• Bass & treble tone control
• Master volume output control
• Stand mountable
• Rear clip alert red LED indicator
• Front signal presence blue LED indicator
• 110V/220V selectable switch
• Frequency Response 60Hz – 18kHz
• Weight 17.4 lbs
• Finish Black


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