ClearOne COLLABORATE Pro 900


Дизайнът и изработката на ClearOne видеоконферентните системи, предлагат недостижими за конкурентите нива на ефективност,  функционалност, сигурност, надеждност, качество и цена.

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ClearOne COLLABORATE Pro 900 offers a complete Media collaboration solution to meet today’s diverse organizational demands for conferencing, collaboration, and communication.


Its versatile design makes it ideal for multiple applications including videoconferencing, professional audio conferencing, wireless presentations and collaborations, training and corporate announcements etc.

COLLABORATE Pro 900 is perfect for both single-site collaboration and multi-site collaboration with up to 25 locations where users can join from anywhere, using any device – pc, mobile, room endpoints, or telephone.

Key Highlights

  • Brings traditional SIP/H.323 videoconferencing and cloud video collaboration into a single appliance for multi-site collaboration with up to 25 sites
  • Award-winning Beamforming Microphone Array and market-leading CONVERGE® Pro
    mixer for best-in-class professional audio
  • Perfect for both single-site and multi-site interactive collaboration
  • Multi-purpose solution for multiple applications – videoconferencing, professional audio conferencing, wireless presentation and collaboration, capture and recording station, streaming and distribution
  • Multi-source collaboration with simultaneous capture of up to 4 video input sources
  • Single point of support and maintenance for your complete collaboration and conferencing needs
  • Two-year warranty with support and maintenance included
Traditional and Cloud Videoconferencing
Multi-site collaboration with both traditional SIP/H.323 video conferencing and cloud video collaboration in a single appliance

  • Full HD 1080p SIP/H.323 videoconferencing with data sharing at 1080p quality through wireless or HDMI
  • Spontania video collaboration meeting with up to 25 participants joining from PC, mobile devices and room endpoints
  • Real-time collaboration with screen sharing, whiteboarding,
    annotation, file transfer, recording, etc
  • Multi-source capture with up to 4 video input sources
Wireless Presentation & Collaboration
Single-site collaboration with ability to stream content, video, whiteboard, and annotations wirelessly from your PC or mobile devices onto displays.

  • Wireless presentations from a laptop or mobile device at 1080p resolution
  • Up to 4 presenters sharing content at the same time
  • Video streaming from a laptop or mobile device to meeting
    room displays with audio coming through the room’s sound system
  • Interactive whiteboard and annotation on shared contents using your own device or touch display in meeting room
  • Annotation on shared content or whiteboard using your own device or using touch display in the meeting room
    * Available soon
Capture and Recording Station
COLLABORATE Pro 900 can function as high-definition capture
studio to capture and record voice, video, and data for future
on-demand access.

  • Record presentations, meetings, conferences, lectures, trainings, and more
  • Capture both presenter and presentation during a lecture and training
  • Capture both local and remote participants and shared content during conference or meetings
  • Support for both local storage and external storage
Streaming and Distribution
COLLABORATE Pro 900 can also function as a media-streaming appliance to capture and stream voice, video, and data to large audiences located in the same or different networks.

  • Live streaming of presentations, meetings, conferences, lectures, trainings, and corporate announcements to large audiences
  • Participants attend the conferences and trainings passively from remote locations or from overflow rooms
  • Support for both unicast and multicast streaming


Professional Audio Conferencing
COLLABORATE Pro 900 includes the market-leading ClearOne
CONVERGE® Pro 840T audio mixer and Beamforming Microphone Array and guarantees unmatched sound and the most natural audio conferencing experience.

  • Beamforming Mic array with built-in 24 mic elements ensures twice the pickup range and replaces 10 traditional microphones
  • Beamforming technology with adaptive acoustic processing
    and adaptive steering pickup pattern for the best audio experience
  • CONVERGE Pro 840T mixer with HDConference audio
    processing and built-in telephone interface


Enterprise-Grade Video
ClearOne UNITE® USB PTZ camera guarantees superior video quality for more natural video collaborations.

  • Full HD video quality with 1080p 60fps
  • 12x Optical zoom for close-up views of objects and whiteboard details with absolute clarity
  • 73° wide-angle view to capture all participants in the room
  • Presets to point to different room locations and objects
  • Remote control for camera zoom, pan, and tilt function