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AVERS CIRRUS S 24-14 WI (16:10)

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Подходящ за офисни проложения, за по – висок контраст на светлото. Не е подходящ за домашно кино. Изкривяване на цветовете, поради високия гейн.


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AVERS CIRRUS S 24-14 WI (16:10)
Projection surface width: 240
Projection surface height: 150
Projection surface: White Ice
Screen type: manual
Aspect ratio: 16:10
Border: none
Projection type: front
Recommended mounting: at wall/ceiling
Screen cassette width: 247


Manually operated projection screen equipped with sophisticated modern spring retracting mechanism. Pull gentle handle attached to screen bottom bar to roll out screen surface, rolling out operation would be interrupted at any moment of operation definitely or just for a while. Surface retraction is much easier, gentle pull of handle attached to the screen bottom bar will release retracting blocade, so spring mechanism would begin to roll-in screen surface. Surface retracting speed is controlled by the mechanism within all operation period. Just before the screen bottom bar will reach top position retracting speed is reduced untill it will stop completely. Cirrus S screen is designed for visible installation (at wall or at the ceiling) at rooms suitable to screen dimensions. It would be used for movie or presentation projections depending on user needs. Screen casing is manufactured with white powder painted aluminium profiles. There is white decorative element at front of casing; its colour would be changed according to customer’s request to one of seven available colours. Projection surface is leadout from slot located close to the front side of casing. This unique solution provides extra space between projection surface and the wall behind capable for installation of other devices. Flexible and easy to use screen installation system is created with “invisible” wall/ceiling brackets and installation rails spanning through the whole length of casing.

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