Artsound MIKS6.4 миксер

585 лв.

4-зонов аудио миксер на Artsound. Лесен за контролиране на желаната зона и определяне на мощността.


Artsound MIKS6.4 mixer

This MIKS6.4 is not just another mixing table. It is a multi-functional mixing desk. After all its applications are diverse. The MIKS6.4 suits perfectly in a standard DJ-environment, like an environment with multiple zones. It has six channels and offers 11 line-ins and 3 mic inputs. Using the handy selection switch you can control the desired zone(s). And you are the one to determine the power of the signal.

Frequency range : 20Hz-20KHz
Zones : 4
Zone outputs : 3-pin XLR / RCA
THD : 0,03% (line) 0,15% (mic)
Tone control : 3-band equalizer
MIC input : 5 mV RMS, 2 x 6.3 mm mono jack, 1 x XLR
Line input : 200 mV RMS, 11 x RCA
Headphone : 8 Ω, 1 x 6.3 mm stereo jack
S/N ratio : 88 dB
Power consumption : 13W
Power supply : 230 V AC
Dimensions : h x w x d 105 x 482 x 177mm – [4U]Artsound MIKS6.4 миксер








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