Тонколона TAGA Platimum C-40 PR, център за домашно кино

550 лв.

Център за домашно кино от Taga Harmony.

Цена за брой!

По предварителна заявка


The Platinum series is the flagship of TAGA Harmony speakers. The eye catching, stylish curved cabinets made of strong and thick MDF boards equipped with advanced drivers and high quality crossovers give crisp, clear, natural and dynamic sound performance.



Design: 2-way, 3 drivers, Center speaker, Wall mounts, TLIE Enclosure,

crossover point 3.5kHz

High-Frequency Driver: 25mm (1”), TPTTD, TWG faceplate, TTP
Bass / Midrange Driver:  2 x 133mm (5.25”), TPACD
Recommended Amplifier Power:  20-130W
Frequency Response:  39Hz-40kHz
Impedance:  6 ohm
Sensitivity:  88dB
Dimensions (H x W x D):  21 x 60 x 19 cm
Weight (net):  6.7kg pc. / 8kg pc. (High Gloss)

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