Тонколона Acoustic Energy AE107 Walnut, център

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Център подходящ за домашно кино с топъл и детайлен звук. Серията „AE100” включва стоящи, букшелф колони и субуфер.

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Acoustic Energy AE107 Walnut

For home cinema and multi-channel music systems, the new Acoustic Energy AE107 is a two way horizontal mount loudspeaker designed for centre channel applications.

Acoustic Energy AE107 delivers exceptional articulation and detail throughout the vocal range, augmented by powerful bass performance from the reflex loaded rear slot port. The compact centre speaker can be sited within a cabinet, shelf or wall mounted.

Technical Specifications
Drive Unit: 4″ paper cone
Tweeter: 1″ dome
Frequency Range: 45Hz -35kHz
Sensitivity: 90dB
Peak SBL: 113dB
Power Handling: 150w
Crossover Frequency: 2kHz
Impedance: 4ohms
Finishes: Satin Black and Walnut vinyl veneerDimensions: 165 x 420x 240 (HxWxD)

The AE100 Series

Given the demanding requirements that led to the creation of the original 1 Series, it may sound surprising that we’ve been able to obtain even higher performance from more compact enclosures at more affordable prices…

Acoustic Energy AE107 Series is physical proof this is possible.

The new Acoustic Energy AE107 Series introduces a number of improvements and evolutionary changes all focused on refining the listening experience at the same time as providing a more room friendly loudspeaker. We’ve introduced our WDT tweeter assembly from the AE1 Active, which creates far better in-room dispersion, as well as locating our slot ports to the rear for less midrange colouration and improved bass response. At the same time, the external design has been improved for a more elegant appearance and smaller footprint that should work well in a wide variety of surroundings. With higher quality fit and finish than ever before available from our entry level ranges, new colour and vinyl options and neat magnetic grilles the visual appeal is higher than ever.

The result is a stylish and more powerful range of speakers that embodies all of the qualities that Acoustic Energy is renowned for while taking advantage of everything that we have learned in our continuous process of development.

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