Тонколона ArtSound – UNI75

1 762 лв. / брой

Тонколона за стена, устойчива на прах и влага с топъл и детайлен звук. Чистият и мек звук я прави отличен избор за стерео, домашно кино, офиси, конферентни зали, складове, магазини и фоново озвучаване. Идеално се свърза със субуфер Artsound АS1000.


The UNI75 is a speaker from the Universal series, a series that distinguishes by being usable anywhere. Despite the obvious power, the UNI75 was given a slim design. The multiplex box was fitted with a polyurethanecoating, a mantle that makes it immune to any external influence. Both a double 5″ driver and a horn tweeter were fitted. It will push out any detail, without distortion. It can easily handle 380 Watts of power. The dB-pressure ensures a tremendous range. Combine it with the AS1000 subwoofer to create a top notch interplay.

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