Тонколона ArtSound – CLMN8

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Тонколона ArtSound – CLMN8 с монтаж на стена. Чистият и мек звук я прави отличен избор за стерео, офиси, конферентни зали, църкви, складове, магазини и фоново озвучаване. Удобен превключвател на 8 ома за 100 V проекти.

Цвят: бяло и черно

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Тонколона ArtSound – CLMN8

This column speaker sounds much broader than suspected by its design. Thanks to 8 integrated drivers it can handle any voice range, as well as any musical tone. The high dB-pressure ensures a broad range. A convenient switch allows you to switch it to 8 ohm as well as to 100 V projects. As such, not only its sound, but also the application opportunities are simply ‘all round’. Good for any musical spicing of a presentation, in a church, the hall, etc. Available in a white or black aluminium enclosure.

Range : <60 m²
System : 2-way/broadband 8+1
Woofer : 2” polypropylene cone
Tweeter : 1” soft dome
Magnetic shielded : Yes
Max power (100V) : 6 -15-30 W
Max power (8Ω) : 40-180W
Sensitivity : 91 dB
Frequency range : 120 Hz – 20 kHz
Dimensions : 578 x 70 x 75mm
Weight/piece : 2.23 kg
Housing : Aluminium
Suspension : multi-directional bracket

Тонколона ArtSound - CLMN8


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