Тонколона ArtSound – UNI30T, 100V

186 лв.

Двулентова 100V колона за стена, устойчива на прах и влага с топъл и детайлен звук. Чистият и мек звук я прави отличен избор за стерео, домашно кино, офиси, конферентни зали, складове, магазини и фоново озвучаване.

Мощност: 2-4-8-15W

Цветове: Бял, черен, кварц

Цена за брой!


ArtSound – UNI30T

Universals. The name gives the game away: they can be used anywhere! Not only in terms of location, but sound too. Thanks to the timeless design, the Universals embodies a striking neutrality. On the other hand, with respect to performance, it’s quite dominant: warm, detailed and with a wide reach thanks to ArtSound sound technology. The unit is dust- and moisture-resistant. The plug-in screw terminal facilitates easy connection of the speaker cable. Can be used in offices, refrigeration areas, conference rooms, warehouses, stations, etc.