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OW-C5 – Cinénova Clarté On-Wall LCR Speaker

The Cinénova Clarté on-wall and in-wall LCR are Earthquake’s newest addition to the infamous Cinénova family of high fidelity products. The Clarté was designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally allowing it to be positioned for left, right, and center channels. This offers plenty of flexibility whether you are installing them for new or pre-existing home audio setups.

Both the on-wall and in-wall Clarté speakers feature a combination of three 5.25″ carbon fiber cone woofers for distortion-free bass and four 2″ ultra-fast ribbon tweeters for remarkable sound quality with pinpoint accuracy. With Earthquake’s Cinénova Clarté LCR, you will hear more details in music and movies with elegant sound reproduction and tonal balance.

Sold and priced per piece.


  • Comes with a magnetic grille
  • Used For Left, Right, and Center Channels
  • Four 2″ Precision Ribbon Tweeters
  • Three 5.25″ Carbon Fiber Mid-bass Drivers
  • Sonically Neutral Cabinet Design
  • Custom-built Second Order Crossover
  • Network With Polyswitch Protection
  • Center Wiring Groove
  • Cross Style Mounting Brackets


  • Model No.:  OW-C5
  • EAN: 0689759001874
  • Power Handling: 600 Watts Max
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20kHz
  • Crossover Frequency: 2000Hz LP 12dB/Oct; 2000Hz HP 12dB/Oct
  • SPL: 96dB ± 3dB
  • Impedance: 8-Ohm
  • Coverage Angles: 122° vertical, 122° horizontal

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 22.44″ (570mm)
  • Width: 12.99″ (330mm)
  • Depth: 4.33″ (110.20mm)

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