Тонколона за вграждане ArtSound CORE 150

1 198 лв. / брой

Кръгла, безжична тонколона за вграждане в таван с вграден усилвател от 20 W (пищялка) + 70 W (бас). Работи със системата Artcore.



This built-in speaker is one of the most indispensable elements of the Artcore system. You can find out how this system works on the previous pages. The CORE150 is an active builtin speaker that comes from the well-known Intiimi line. With a frameless grill of barely 1 mm and a thickness of just under 5 mm, it makes quick work of today’s standards. The titanium driver with neodymium magnet and patented® suspension, together with the advanced separation filter, create a magnificent sound experience. The CORE150 is driven by a double amplifier: 20 W (tweeter) + 70 W (woofer).

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