Тонколона за вграждане ArtSound CORE 140

718 лв. / брой

Квадратна, безжична, водоустойчива тонколона за вграждане в таван с вграден усилвател от 20 W (пищялка) + 30 W (бас). Работи със системата Artcore.



This built-in speaker is one of the most indispensable elements of the Artcore system. You can find out how this system works on the previous pages. The CORE140 is an active built-in speaker with an on-board amplifier of 20 W (tweeter) + 30 W (woofer). Its sleek shape houses a very thin chassis, a patented filter and a unique driver. It is finished with a sleek grille that fits with yourceiling seamlessly. The range of the CORE140 effortlessly fills any room of up to 40 m². Not only is the CORE140 active, you can also use it both wired and wirelessly. In both cases, you control it via the Artcore app. This forms the dashboard with services such as Spotify, vTuner, etc. This allows you to effortlessly create a flexible multi-room system.

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