Тонколони за вграждане ArtSound – SQ2040

1 150 лв. / Чифт

Колона за вграждане с квадратен профил. Колоната е много добра за фоново озвучаване на кухня, на заведение или магазин.

Цена за чифт!


Тонколони за вграждане ArtSound – SQ2040

Intiimi is the Finnish word for purity. And purity is precisely the DNA that makes up this new high-end inwall speaker series. With a nearly frameless grill measuring a mere 1 millimetre, and a thickness of just under 5 millimetres, it breaks with all contemporary standards. The titanium driver with neodymium magnet and patented® suspension allows you to point it in any desired direction. The Intiimi series purifies the signal from the amplifier via an advanced separation filter and a correction filter. The SQ2040 is very lovable; extremely compact but capable of world-class performance given its size.

ArtSound - SQ2040

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