Тонколони за вграждане Bowers & Wilkins CCM663SR

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Дву -лентова HiFi тонколона за вграждане в таван. С отлична динамика на звука. Предлага се с избор на кръгла и квадратна решетка. CCM663SR  разполага със превключвател между стерео и съраунд режим на работа, което я прави подходящо решение за съраунд система.

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Тонколони за вграждане Bowers & Wilkins CCM663SR

See nothing, hear everything
The combination of convenience and performance that is a feature of the
entire custom installation range is no better demonstrated than by
the CCM663SR ceiling speaker. It marries a woven Aramid Fibre coned
twin voice-coil 150mm (6in) bass/midrange driver with an offset array of
two 25mm (1in) soft dome tweeters. Thanks to its highly accurate and
natural sound, Aramid Fibre features on our most advanced high
performance hi-fi speakers and it brings the same qualities to the
CCM663SR. The twin voice coils and tweeters combine the stereo
signal to enable the use of just one ceiling speaker in an installation zone
without the loss of one audio channel. The CCM663SR also includes a
two-position stereo/surround switch to instantly make the speaker very
suitable to be used as a surround channel.
Technical Specifications
Description 2-way dual channel in-ceiling system
Drive Units 2x ø20mm (1in) soft dome tweeter
1x ø150mm (6in) blue Kevlar cone bass/midrange
Frequency Range (-6dB) 48Hz – 30kHz
Recommended Amp Power 25 – 80w (per channel)
Sensitivity SPL (2.83V, 1m) 83dB (per channel)

89dB (both channels driven)

Impedance Nominal (min) 8Ω (4.0Ω) (per channel)
Frame diameter 240mm (9.5in)
Cut-out diameter 202mm (8in)
Depth behind surface 133mm (5.2in)
Protrusion 4mm (0.2in)
Pre-mount Kit C6
Back Box 6C

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