Тонколона QUADRAL PHASE A10 Dolby Atmos

500 лв.

Уникални тонколони за домашно кино Dolby Atmos

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QUADRAL PHASE A10 offers fascinating possibilities in the sound design of living spaces. In combination with floor-standing speakers and subwoofers, you can turn your living room into a thrilling home theater or concert hall in no time at all.

PHASE A10 is a tower speaker with a powerful broadband chassis. The emitted sound waves are reflected by the ceiling, creating a fascinating three-dimensional sound.

Type 1-way
principle closed
Nominal / music capacity (W) 50/80
Transmission range (Hz) 70 … 20,000
Efficiency (dB / 1W / 1m) 84
For amplifiers (ohms) 8th
woofer 155 mm Ø full range
Dimensions (HxWxD) 17x16x23

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