Тонколона Definitive Technology A90 Dolby Atmos

580 лв.

Тонколони подходящи за Dolby Atmos /DTS: X- съвместими с моделите BP9060, BP9040 и BP9020 на Definitive Technology.

Цена за брой!

Честотна лента: 86 Hz – 40 kHz


Говорители отгоре:

– високочестотен: 1бр. 1″(2,54см)

– средночестотен:2бр. 4.5″ (11,43см)

Размери (H x W x D): 90.17 х 33.02 х 27.94см.

Материал: алуминий

Тегло :2,72кг./бр.




Definitive Technology A90 Dolby Atmos

The A90 height speaker module is your answer for remarkable, immersive, room-filling sound so you can experience every detail of pure home theater. The A90 supports Dolby Atmos / DTS:X and easily connects and sits within the top of your Definitive Technology BP9060, BP9040 and BP9020 speakers, firing sound upwards, which is then reflected off the ceiling and back down to your viewing area. Timeless, minimalist design. This is what obsession sounds like.

Acoustically Transparent Grille

Enjoy the subtle elegance of the speaker design without having to remove a speaker grille to enjoy natural, uncolored sound.

Sloped Speaker Baffle with Exclusive Foam Construction

Fires sound upwards, reflecting it off the ceiling and back down to your viewing area in a tightly controlled dispersion pattern, damping the sound that remains.




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