Субуфер Klipsch KW-120-THX Subwoofer

2 390 лв.

THX сертифициран пасивен субуфер за домашно кино. Част от системата THX Ultra2 Home Theater System.

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Klipsch KW-120-THX

The world’s finest theater operators choose Klipsch cinema systems because they deliver the full impact of the most intense action movie soundtracks without sacrificing musical definition. When designing the KW-120-THX subwoofer, Klipsch applied its theater experience to bring the same powerful, deep-driving bass to the comforts of home.

  • 12-inch, long-throw Cerametallic™ driver
  • Front-firing port
  • Top-of-the-line internal wiring
Frequency Response: 20-200Hz 3dB
SENSITIVITY: 130dB @ 30Hz, 122dB @ 20Hz, 112dB @ 15Hz 1/8 space, 1m (2 enclosures side-by-side per THX Ultra2)
POWER HANDLING: See KA-1000-THX specifications
AMPLIFIER: Use only with KA-1000-THX
WOOFER: 12″ (30.5cm) front-firing, Cermetallic(tm) cone, cast aluminum frame driver with a 240oz ceramic magnet structure
ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass reflex via front-firing slot port
DIMENSIONS: 20.25″ (51.4cm) H x 17.75″ (45.1cm) W x 17.75″ (45.1cm) D (w/ grille)
WEIGHT: 80 lbs. (36.3kg)
FINISHES: Galaxy Black cabinet with Black anodized aluminum fascia
Built From: 2004

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