Субуфер, Earthquake Supernova MKVI-12 down to 15 Hz

6 420 лв.

Субуфер с безкомпромисно качество от световния лидер Earthquake – 1500 W максимална мощност, Class-J усилвател и възпроизвеждане на звук в диапазона 15-120 Hz. Лаково покритие.

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Субуфер с безкoмпромисно качество от световния лидер Earthquake – Supernova MKVI-12



Supernova MKVI – The new standard for power and articulation
The Supernova MKVI Series epitomizes the state-of-the-art in subwoofer design. The MKVI series is uncompromised performance and superior technology coupled with the world’s most refined low frequency  response. The MKVI defines a new standard  in a class of its own. The selection of subwoofers is vast, but at the top Supernova MKVI reigns in solitude.

With more patented technologies and test awards than any other subwoofer, the MKVI continues the legacy of the legendary MKV series. MKVI differs from its predecessor with the introduction of the revolutionary IQ600 class J amplifier and full DSP with phase and time control. Patented technologies such as Class J amplifier technology, Overdrive, ODL, SLAPS, DBXI and Magma X define MKVIs groundbreaking performance.

If you dream of uncompromising LFE performance with superb dynamics and effectiveness-, combined with quick and precise articulation, the MKVI is the obvious choice.  The MKVI can effortlessly produce the lower octaves in a high-end stereo setup or add explosive LFE effects in large surround sound systems.


Luxury finish
Supernova MKVI is covered in deep luxurious black piano lacquer. The cabinet finish begins with a thorough sanding and priming followed by multiple applications of black lacquer with additional fine sanding between layers. The cabinet is then finished with a smooth, high gloss clearcoat. The elegant piano lacquer complements its compact modern design and adds sculptural finesse and exclusivity to your home.

Full DSP for total control
Several manufacturers have some type of room correction built into their subwoofers. Most are based on level adjustment by volume which is a very simple equalization function. EQ does not address the listening room’s phase and time related difficulties. MKVI has genuine room correction which takes into account reflections, refractions, arrival and EQ. This complete DSP solution ensures optimum acoustic integration in any room.

Room correction on IQ amps is simple and straightforward to use.

  1. Place the subwoofer at the desired location.
  2. Play 50 Hz test tone, through your speakers and sub.Turn the phase delay dial until the maximum output is reached.
  3. Use the phase switch button to turn the phase 180 degrees, then rotate the phase-delay dial until the highest level is reached.
  4. The setting 0 or 180 degree phase that needs the least amount of phase delay to achieve the highest level is the optimum setting as  it will give the smallest group-delay.
  5. Now with the phase-related correction  completed then normal equalization with the 3 band equalizer can be done.

Unlimited power surplus
MKVI’s brute force springs from the newly developed IQ600 class J amplifier. The patented Class J technology manifests a quantum leap in amplifier technology. The revolutionary aspect of Class J is its ability to combine a high efficiency of 99% with extraordinary bass control. Class J is an evolution on PWM technology that combines advanced multi-level feedback with an intelligent controller. It modulates the supply voltage and output switching frequency in real time based on the frequency and amplitude content of the input signal. This added level of intelligence to the amplifier offers several obvious advantages such as increased thermal headroom through the amplifier’s optimum energy use, dramatically improved bass response and dynamic power capabilities. This results in a harder audible impact that adds a drive to the sound normally experienced only at live concerts. This combined with superb articulation, nuances and details are reproduced by the MKVI, but overlooked by traditional subwoofers.


Real specs

The patented technologies combined with a dramatically oversized power supply makes the IQ600 amplifier capable of delivering raw quantities of continuous power. The power supply is based on a rigid silicon-steel hard-wound low regulation 750VA toroidal transformer. The large and heavy transformer ensures a stable supply without voltage drop even at rigorous and continuous operation. The IQ600 amplifier provides 1200 watts continuously for unlimited time at 18 dB crest factor and 600 watts TSP (True Sine Wave Power). This is real performance power the amplifier can deliver and a power the woofer driver is engineered to withstand and utilize.


Overdrive – Optimal use of all power reserves
Overdrive is a patented system that gives the amplifier exceptional high dynamic output. The starting point for the Overdrive system is a constant monitoring of all amplifier power resources coupled with an intelligent dynamic high voltage supply. Information from the power amplifier is translated by the overdrive system into a dynamic power matrix which calculates the dynamic power potential in real time. A traditional amplifier will attempt to reproduce a transient signal although its duration exceeds the amplifier’s resources which leads to speaker damaging distortion. Overdrives patented design ensures distortion-free amplification combined with optimal and safe use of all power resources. Sound is dynamic by nature therefore optimization of dynamic power resources is essential. Overdrive provides a peak power double the IQ600’s nominal specification making the amplifier capable of reproducing 1200 watt program material.


ODL – Intelligent Protection
The patented Optical Distortion Limiting circuit is a novel design that provides full protection against distortion. The uniqueness of this design is that the audio signal remains immaculate, as ODL is not in the signal path. Traditionally, the signal runs through the protection circuit thereby complicating the signal path. ODL  insulates the protection circuit behind an optical coupler. The delicate input signal meets a Y-sensing and the signal is duplicated. The original signal continues  untouched to the amplifier section. The duplicated signal is translated into light where ODL compares it with the power amp section. The use of light gives ODL a response time unattainable in a conventional design. If ODL detects an overdriven signal that can not be amplified nominally or by Overdrive, ODL ensures distortion-free amplification by adjusting the input power in real time.


SLAPS – Patented superiority

SLAPS technology is a key player in translating the IQ600 amplifier’s high power into dominating LFE. SLAPS is a patented system that dramatically increases subwoofer efficiency and capability for ultra low frequency reproduction. SLAPS stands for Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System. As the name indicates, SLAPS is built symmetrically which distinguishes it from traditional passive devices. SLAPS integrates identical components in its suspension and design ensuring the unit is moving identically in both directions. The revolutionary efficiency and performance are the result of the pneumatic coupling between SLAPS and the active driver DBXI/MagmaX.

SLAPS overcomes the limitations known from conventional closed and ported designs that prevent radical excursion and deep response. The unique design allows the active driver compression-free movement resulting in deep, dynamic and hard-hitting bass response.

MAGMA – Speed, dynamics and control

The  MAGMA driver in MKVI12 effectively converts electrical energy into physical movement. The mechanical construction is of superior  quality, evident in the almost absurd over-building of all components.


This is further enhanced by adding TCT (Turbine Cooled Transducer) technology. TCT is a patented Earthquake exclusive technology that implements a fixed turbine vane impeller in the magnet gap. It forces the drawn in air to rotate in a vortex pattern against the aluminum voicecoil former, this exponentially increases the surface contact of the cooling air. The result is a 3 db increase in sound output at rated power compared to the same transducer without TCT.




●     High gauss magnet system with a height of 4.75 cm

●     Magnet System of strontium cobalt with a weight of over 12 kg

●     Centering Spider of the super spider type (spider of the same diameter as the device)

●     Epoxy coated and chill plated super spider

●     Aluminium voice coil former

●     Voice coil of heavy gauge oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire

●     Voice coil diameter 3 ”

●     1.5 ” high single roll edge suspensions of thermally shaped poly-ether draw

●     Mil-spec coil coating

●     X-mech of more than 2.5 ”

●     TCT patented turbine cooled transducer technology

The intelligent MAGMA design with overbuilt motor system results in a device that is always electrically controlled by the amplifier. The strong reactive electromagnetic coupling ensures that the woofer remains compression free and will not dampen itself mechanically. The high edge surround combined with the super spider allows huge excursion. The electrically controlled and mechanically unhampered movement of the driver results in a transient response with dynamic capability previously unheard of.

Sold and priced per piece.


  • Patented SLAPS (Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System)
  • Size: 12″ subwoofer
  • Fs: 23Hz
  • Max Power: 1500W
  • RMS Power: 500W
  • Xmax: 4″ Peak to Peak
  • Impedance: dual 4Ω
  • Sensitivity:85.5dB
  • Qes: 0.2539
  • Qms: 3.7748
  • Qts: 0.2379


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