Субуфер Earthquake MINIME-DSP-P12

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Субуфер с DSP и безкомпромисно качество от световния лидер Earthquake, подходящ за домашно кино.

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Субуфер Earthquake MINIME-DSP-P12


“There might be better subwoofers on the planet, but I haven’t heard them.”
Steven Stone, Home Theater magazine

DSP Control

Expanding on our great MiniMe series of subwoofers, the all new MiniMe DSP amplifier utilizes Earthquake’s advanced class “D” circuitry with over 90% efficiency plus the added benefits of DSP control through mobile devices. Complicated and professional room tuning is now made possible right at your finger tips through a mobile app allowing the user to dial in this MiniMe exactly to the room that it is placed in.

In order to optimize sound and clarity on a subwoofer, it must be tuned properly to its environment. Through an automated room correction process that the iWoofer™ Pro app offers, you will get the customized performance that you deserve and achieve the maximum amount of SPL and a more linear response for your home theater. Up to a 48dB/octave crossover is also available within the application for a steep frequency cutoff.

Earthquake Sound & Bekent at CES 2020 presenting the MiniMe DSP 


SLAPS Passive Radiator

The MiniMe DSP would not be complete without our patented and infamous SLAPS passive radiator technology. It dramatically increases the subwoofer’s efficiency and capability for subharmonic frequency reproduction and high SPL that can be felt.

The unique design of the SLAPS passive radiator employs dual identical suspensions and a specified mass that allows it to move the same amount of air in either direction. When coupled with a premium active driver, SLAPS enables the sub to deliver more bass at sub harmonic levels while reducing the load on the amplifier.

Stunning Looks

The MiniMe DSP not only sounds amazing but it also features stunning looks with its finely finished deep multi-layered black piano lacquer and high gloss clear coat. When it comes to elegance and performace, MiniMe DSP has set the bar and will dish out some serious bass for your enjoyment.

Sold and Priced per Piece. 


  • Built-in 600-Watts High Efficiency Class “D” Amplifier
  • 12″ Long Throw Premium Quality Driver
  • 12″ Mass Tuned SLAPS Patented Passive Radiator System
  • DSP Control Through Mobile App
  • Automatic Signal-Sensing
  • Auto Room Correction
  • Turn-on & Stand-by Mode
  • SHS (Sub-harmonic Synthesizer)
  • Selective Variable Crossover
  • Operation Status LED Light
  • RCA Inputs
  • Remote & Remote eye Included
  • Sub Operation Switch For Different Ranges
  • 0 – 180° Phase Adjustments
  • 110V/220V AC Selector
  • iWoofer Compatible
  • High Gloss Black Piano Lacquer Finish


  • Model No: MiniMe-DSP-P12
  • EAN: 0689759001812
  • Enclosure Type: Ported Enclosure with Passive
  • Drivers: 12” Premium Extended Excursion Subwoofer,  12” Patented Mass Tuned SLAPS(Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System)
  • Frequency Response: 18 – 115Hz
  • Amplifier Power: 600 Watts MAX
  • Crossover Frequency: 40Hz – 160Hz
  • Signal Sensing: AUTO/ON/OFF
  • Inputs/Outputs: Low Level RCA
  • Fuse Ratings: 110-120V~60Hz: ø5x20mm, T6.3AL/250V, 220-240V~50Hz: ø5x20mm, T3.15AL/250V


Субуфер Earthquake MINIME-DSP-P12

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