Безжичен субуфер DENON DSW-1H

1 400 лв.

Безжичен субуфер с мощен, ясен и чист бас. Подходящ за свързване чрез Wi-Fi със саундбар Denon DHT-S716H , Denon Home Sound Bar 550 или която и да е тонколона Denon Home.

Размери (Ш x В x Д) – 172 x 404 x 439
Тегло в kg – 10.1


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Безжичен субуфер DENON DSW-1H

The Denon DSW-1H wireless subwoofer easily connects via Wi-Fi to the Denon DHT-S716H sound bar to add deep, powerful bass. Simply plug-in to wall power and play.

Deep bass

Connect wirelessly to your DHT-S716H to deliver clear powerful bass.

Low-frequency response

DSP algorithms allows for low-frequency response across the entire dynamic range.

Complete control

With the HEOS app, you’ll have advanced control for volume, low-pass filter, and phase.




HEOS built-in Yes
Acoustic System 0.1 (2 drivers)
Analog input (3.5mm mini jack) Yes
USB input (mass storage) Yes
Bluetooh: A2DP / APT-X No / No

Безжичен субуфер denonDSW-1H

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