Тонколона PSB Imagine W3 On-Wall Speaker

1 999 лв.

Многоканален саундбар с 3D звук. Подходящ за домашно кино или като допълнение към ТВ за значително по-добър звук.



PSB Imagine W3 On-Wall Speaker

Imagine W3 On-Wall Speaker

The poor audio quality of today’s ultra-thin flat panel TVs is a well-known drawback that cries out for an attractive solution. The PSB Imagine W3 speaker is engineered specifically for this application, combining an extremely low profile form with renowned PSB sound combined in a beautiful package.

Real Sound Solution

The Imagine W3 is a complete ‘front-of-room’ solution taking the concept of the ‘sound bar’ to a new, higher level of performance. Combining left, centre, and right channels all in one streamlined enclosure, the Imagine W3 is easy-to-install using the included sturdy wall-mount bracket or the tabletop stand. The Imagine W3 can be used either individually or combined with other PSB In-room or In-ceiling speakers to create a sophisticated high performance home theatre solution.

At merely 3 inches (75mm) deep, this speaker hugs the wall for seamless integration with popular flat panel TV sizes, but doesn’t sacrifice sound quality. You’ll be amazed by the clarity of voices and the spacious sound stage that perfectly integrates sound with the large high definition TV picture. From action movies and games with their high impact sound tracks to the subtle atmospheric effects of the dramatic thriller, the Imagine W3 brings it all to life.

Sophisticated Engineering

Engineering such a high level of performance from a slim profile speaker is a serious challenge, but thanks to PSB’s 40 years of experience and deep working knowledge of acoustics, the Imagine W3 succeeds. Like all PSB speakers, final voicing for the Imagine W3 was conducted at the scientific facilities of Canada’s famed National Research Council. Research and testing has revealed how listener preferences can be integrated into the W3’s speaker design for this specific application, yet still uphold PSB’s true-to-nature sound.

A special aluminium cabinet minimizes external bulk and maximizes strength and internal volume in order to gain maximum internal volume, which is necessary for good sound and deep bass response. A non-resonant MDF baffle mounts the driver units in carefully optimized positions for an ideal dispersion of sound to the listener. Soft rubber trim rings provide a sleek look while controlling dispersion of sound and adding further damping of spurious vibrations. The metal grille is covered with an attractive cloth, which is transparent to sound and makes the Imagine W3 easy to incorporate with your home décor.

The driver units were specially developed for the low profile Imagine W3 using proven PSB technology. The tweeters use the same titanium dome first seen in PSB’s award-winning Synchrony Series, and feature a specially engineered “phase plug” or shield that extends the high frequency response by dampening the tweeter’s resonance and preventing phase cancellation in the top musical octave. The clear delicate sounds achieved by this remarkable tweeter accurately reproduce all the musical detail contained in your favourite movies and music. The woofers are no less sophisticated, combining a long throw for good bass response, with an ideal cone profile to assure the accurate natural vocal range response especially important for movies and television. Bass is enhanced by specialized speakers called PBRs that extend the bass reach by doubling the output of the woofers at the lowest frequencies.

One of the most critical aspects of speaker is the crossover network; this is where the final voicing and integration of all the elements of the design are determined. Even proximity to the wall behind has an effect that must be considered when fine tuning the crossover. High quality close tolerance parts make sure that every speaker produced accurately meets its rigorous specification.

Amazing Value!

From the smooth, natural PSB sound quality to the handsome profile and proportions, the Imagine W3 simply exudes quality. The superb level of fit and finish and the fuss-free installation tools all speak to the pride PSB Speakers invests in every single PSB product.

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