Тонколона Elipson Planet L

1 860 лв. / Чифт

Сферичните колони на Elipson гарантират перфектен звук за Вашия уникален интериор. Подходящи както за стерео, така и за домашно кино в комплект с Planet Sub.

Цветове: черен, червен и бял пиано лак и черен мат.

Цена за чифт.

По предварителна заявка


Elipson Planet L

Planet L is the revival version of the Elipson spherical speaker combining high-end designs and meticulous aesthetics. As the result of 2 years of R&D efforts, Elipson has retained the best acoustic technologies for the best sound without compromise. Our Planet L speakers are fitted with a coaxial 2-way speaker that make the perfect mix of high fidelity, elegance and design. Available in three laquer finishes: Black, Red and White.


Planet L – matte black New

Planet L – piano lacquer white

Planet L – lacquered red

Planet L – lacquered black


  • System: 2 ways
  • Frequency range (+/- 3dB): 48 – 20000 Hz
  • Impedance: 6 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Max music power: 60 Watts
  • Recommended amplifier: 30-80 Watts
  • Terminal type: Single wiring
  • Terminal finish: Silver plated
  • Internal wiring: 99,99% OFC
  • Enclosure: Bass Reflex
  • Magnetic shield


  • With grill and terminal (W x H x D):
    11.4 x 11.4 x 11.4″ / 290 x 290 x 290 mm


  • Crossover #1
    Frequency: 3800
    Slope: 12-18


  • medium
    Brand: Elipson
    Diameter: 6.50
    Cone: paper
    Magnet: ferrite
  • tweeter
    Brand: Elipson
    Diameter: 1.00
    Cone: soft
    Magnet: neodynium

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