Тонколона Earthquake RBS-52

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Специализирани озвучителни тела за студия и хора работещи със звук, подходящи за продължителна употреба без да натоварват слуха и изключително вярно произвеждане на звука. Тези букшелф колони възпроизвеждат звук с високо качество, което ги прави подходящи за изграждане на Hi – Fi стерео или Home Cinema аудио система.

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Earthquake RBS-52

The newly developed RBS-52 passive studio monitor from Earthquake Sound is designed to be as versatile as it is technical and beautiful. Perfect for a home theater set up or a musical studio, the RBS-52 was engineered to maintain high fidelity sound quality in a compact enclosure, and all for a compact price.

Earthquake Sound has always understood the importance and relationship of sound quality and enjoyment of the user’s experience. That is why Earthquake has designed the RBS-52 with 25mm silk dome NEO tweeters to allow faster response, as well as a better frequency range. This feature, coupled with the 5.25” low mass rigid carbon fiber midbass driver with patented PistonMax™ technology provide you with 25% more accurate sound pressure levels as well as lower harmonic distortion.

The finely finished matte black cabinet is designed and engineered with the same care and attention to detail as every component of the speaker and holds an equally important part. Not only was the speaker designed with an aesthetic finish to fit in with any decor, but the cabinet precisely tuned to 40Hz. This enforced bass reflex, double-ported enclosure reproduces superb low frequency extensions without resonance. This feature combined with the speaker’s compact size allows the user to place the speaker virtually wherever they like and still be able to receive full range of sound. A self-centering, removable magnetic grille literally and figuratively seals the deal on this high-end performing, budget friendly speaker.


Priced and Sold Per Pair.


  • 1” Silk Dome NEO Tweeter
  • 5.25” Low-mass Rigid Carbon Fiber Cone
  • PistonMax™ Technology
  • Gold Plated Terminals
  • Enforced Bass Reflex Enclosure
  • Removable Self-centering Magnetic Grille


  • Model nr.: RBS-52
  • EAN: 0068975901395
  • HF Driver: Silk Dome NEW Tweeter
  • LF/MF Driver: 5.25” Carbon Fiber w/ PistonMax
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20kHz
  • Crossover  Frequency: 3kHz (High Pass)
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Amp Power: 50-300W
  • Nomial Impedance: 8 Ohm


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