Tонколона Sonos Roam

399 лв.

Малка преносима тонколона с Bluetooth, WiFi, Amazon Alexa и Google Asistans. Батерията позволява работа до 10 часа. Притежава вградени 2 отделни H-Class усилвателя за прецизен контрол и брилянтен звук. Sonos Roam е влагозащитена, което я прави подходяща  за употреба на открито.

Предлага са в 2 цвята – черен и бял

По предварителна заявка


Tонколона Sonos Roam

Take incredible sound everywhere with Roam. Enjoy music, voice control, and multiroom listening at home on WiFi, plus Bluetooth® streaming, all-day battery life, and waterproof durability on the go.

“The Sonos Roam is the best sounding portable speaker.”
A seamless listening experience, everywhere

Enjoy the unmatched Sonos experience on Wifi, and stream directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer using Bluetooth.

Roam automatically connects to your home network and pairs with your phone when you’re away. So all you have to think about is what to play.

10 hours of play time
Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, Roam is ready to soundtrack your day, whether you want to unwind in the backyard or escape to the backwoods.
Sound that defies expectations
Precision-engineered acoustics deliver the clarity, depth, and fullness you would expect from a much larger speaker.
Tunes itself like magic
Using automatic Trueplay™ tuning, Roam smartly adapts to your surroundings and whatever you’re listening to for sound that’s astonishingly detailed and perfectly balanced.
Incredible from all sides

When positioned vertically, Roam has a minimal footprint, and the rounded triangular shape can tuck neatly into a corner anywhere space is at a premium.

Lay it horizontally for stability on uneven ground and Roam subtly directs the sound upward in the direction of your ears for a better listening experience.

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