Тонколона ArtSound – PWR05 STUBRU

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Безжичен високоговорител с вграден  Bluetooth 4.0 . Ясен и кристално чист звук.

Размери: 430 x 180 x 180mm

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Цвят: Черно


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ArtSound PWR05 STU BRU е многофункционална и преносима безжична тонколона с уникален дизайн. Може да се използва, като захранваща USB батерия. Притежава мощен високоговорител с чист звук. Безжичната тонколона ArtSound PWR05 STU BRU  е перфектното решение за вашето семейно приключение на закрито или открито.

Тонколона ArtSound - PWR05 STUBRU 0


The sturdy casing of the PWR05 makes you suspect the best at once. With no less than four drivers this fellow produces an amazing sound. It is absolutely unrivalled in the way that itmanages to combine the masculine bass with the feminine eye (and ear). Even at a seriously high volume, the class-D amplifier will guarantee no distortion. In addition, this PWR05 is multifunctional. It can, for instance, charge your smartphone and you can connect other sources to it (aux-in). In case just one won’t suffice, you can wirelessly connect it to a second source via the TWS-function. You just found your soulmate!

Тонколона ArtSound - PWR05 STUBRU 3



Reference PWR05 STUBRU
Range < 120 m2
Systeem 3-way with active filter
Frequency range 60Hz – 20kHz
Dimensions 430 x 180 x 180 mm (h x w x d)
Weight/piece 4,4 kg
AUX input 3.5 mm jack
Sources stereo Bluetooth [TWS] USB (charge) Type A, 5V/2A
Sensitivity 90 dB
Bass reflex Yes
Housing ABS plastic
Woofer characteristics 6” paper cone
Tweeter characteristics 1” silk dome
Extra accessories carry strap






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