Стойка за тонколона Earthquake LSA-6.5

217 лв.

Стилна стойка с монтаж на земя, подходяща за Тонколона Earthquake PCS-6.5.


LSA-6.5 Landscape Speaker Accessory- Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System

Easily convert the hanging PCS6.5* Pendant Speakers into standing and adjustable Landscape Speakers with the help of the LSA6.5 Landscape Accessories converter set.

The LSA6.5 converter set allows the PCS6.5* speaker to be sturdily mounted on a flat wide base plate that is buried beneath the ground to provide a strong and level support. The LSA6.5 makes it possible to safely mount the PCS6.5* outdoors. The set also includes a sealed cap to ensure the protection of the speaker’s components from the elements.

*sold separately

  • Model No: LSA-6.5
  • EAN:0689759001577


  • Weather resistant rubber seal
  • Fully enclosed UV resistant cap
  • All rust proof screws
  • Corrosion resistant coated base plate
  • Structurally reinforced plastic stake

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