Стойка за саундбар Sonos ARC/SANUS WSSAWM1

200 лв.

Стойка за монтаж на стена на саундбар Sonos ARC. С лесно монтиране и изваждане от стената на 5″ .

Елегантно решение за всеки изискан интериор.




Стойка за саундбар Sonos ARC SANUS WSSAWM1

SANUS designed the Soundbar Bracket for Sonos Arc in partnership with Sonos to create a premium, custom-fit design for the most optimal audio experience. This  soundbar mount features a modern design that installs directly on your wall underneath your mounted TV.  The extendable soundbar mount for Arc easily pulls out 5″ from the wall to easily adjust the depth; allowing for the sound bar mics and Atmos drivers to give the best sound possible no matter how thick your TV is. Easy to install in drywall or wood studs in just 15-minutes, and all the hardware needed is included in the box to wall mount your Sonos Arc soundbar. At SANUS, we stand behind our products and aim to provide the best experience for you from purchase through installation. Our knowledgable, friendly customer care team based right here in the U.S. is available 7 days a week by phone, email, or chat if you need support.

Product Features

  1. Designed in partnership with Sonos, this extendable soundbar wall mount is custom-fit to ensure optimal Sonos Arc Soundbar performance
  2. Easily mount the Sonos Arc soundbar directly to drywall or to wood studs giving you the flexibility to center the Arc below your TV
  3. Features an extendable design allowing for easy depth adjustment up to 5″ from the wall to enable the mics and Atmos drivers in the Sonos Arc to function perfectly
  4. Featuring a short profile, the SANUS soundbar wall mount for Arc stays hidden creating a completely seamless, floating look on the wall
  5. Easily access power and manage cables directly to the wall behind the Sonos Arc soundbar through the 10″ opening of the soundbar wall mount
  6. In just 15-minutes and 3-steps your Sonos Arc Sound Bar will be secure on the wall, all the hardware and drill template needed for installation are included in the box
  7. Available in both white and black finishes to blend in seamlessly with your Sonos Arc sound bar
  8. The SANUS sound bar wall mount for Sonos Arc features a 10-year warranty, and is safety tested & quality built
  9. Expert, friendly U.S. based customer care available 7 days a week if you need support

Take A Look At These Specs

Product Brand: SANUS
Model Code: WSSAWM1
UPC Code: 793795534828 – Black
793795535146 – White
Product Width: 28.45″ / 72.26cm
Product Height: 2.00″ / 5.08cm
Product Depth: 1.08″ – 5.05″ / 2.74cm – 12.83cm
Maximum TV Weight: 14lbs / 6.35kg



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