Стойка за саундбар SANUS SASB1

140 лв.

Елегантна стойка за саундбар. Регулира се на височината и дълбочина.Позволява на високоговорителя ви да се движи с телевизора за оптимално изживяване при слушане. Лесен и бърз монтаж.



The SANUS SASB1 soundbar mount seamlessly integrates your soundbar with your mounted TV. Featuring broad compatibility, the soundbar mount attaches to the back or bottom of soundbars and works with most soundbars up to 20 lbs.

Post-install height adjustment creates an ideal fit between the soundbar and mounted TV. The included depth-adjustability allows the soundbar to be positioned flush with the bottom of the TV for a clean look and helps eliminate audio interference from upward-firing speakers.

Compatible with SANUS TV mounts and other UL listed mounts, the SANUS soundbar mount works with a large range of TV sizes and features broad VESA compatibility. When used with a full-motion TV mount, the soundbar mount allows your speaker to move with the TV for an optimal listening experience.

Installation is a brief, 15-minute process that requires only a screwdriver, and all necessary hardware is included in the box.

Product Features

  1. Seamlessly integrates soundbar with mounted TV
  2. Attaches to back or bottom of soundbar for compatibility with most speakers up to 20 lbs.
  3. Post-install height adjustment for ideal fit between soundbar and mounted TV
  4. Depth adjustability allows perfect soundbar positioning for optimal audio performance
  5. When used with a full-motion TV mount, soundbar moves with TV screen
  6. Recommended for TVs 32” to 90” and features broad VESA compatibility
  7. Universal compatibility with SANUS and other UL listed TV mounts
  8. Easy 3-step install with all hardware included and no drilling required

Take A Look At These Specs

Product Brand: SANUS
Model Code: SASB1
UPC Code: 793795531872 – Black
Product Width: 25.00″ / 63.50cm
Product Depth: 0.00″ – 3.30″ / 0.00cm – 8.38cm
TV Size Range: 32″ – 90″ / 81.28cm – 228.60cm
Maximum TV Weight: 20lbs / 9.07kg

SANUS SASB1 Features Video

SANUS SASB1 Features Video

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