Viz-Art SIDE-LIFT 65

6 727 лв.

Моторизирана хоризонтална стойка за телевизор до 65″.



Models: ● SIDE lift 65 – capacity 50kg, TV to 65”

Horizontal lift for plasma and LCD television sets that slides them out of the side of a piece of furniture, enclosure or partition wall (horizontally). Meets the expectations of users and designers, and is practised in interesting interior designs with a TV that slides out of a fitting.

Advantages of the lift: used in original projects with a TV that slides out horizontally, where comfortable use and high quality are important. SIDE-lift is chosen for modern interiors.

Functionality: precise and quiet operation; a part of the piece of furniture moves when the TV slides out; high precision of settings; Somfy drive; control options: IR and RF, Trigger and RS232.

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A plasma TV in the wall?

The wall SIDE-LIFT for plasma TVs has been designed with attention to every detail.

All this to accentuate the innovative character of your project and the original design of your interior.

The SIDE-LIFT is designed to mount a plasma and LCD TV horizontally above the ceiling. It is a ceiling lift for plasma and LCD TV sets that demonstrates new possibilities for original installations.

The TV set is hidden in the wall, and when the remote is pressed it slides out and stops in a comfortable position. A SIDE-LIFT for plasma sets requires preciously little space.

VIZ-ART AUTOMATION designed the ceiling lift for plasma and LCD TV sets with demanding and non-trivial installations in mind.

An additional challenge faced by the Project Team was posed by the need for simple mounting, small dimensions, aesthetic look and user comfort.