Viz-Art F-lift 46, 55

4 692 лв.

Лифт стойка за скрит монтаж на телевизор или монитор. Два варианта ма модели за 46″ и за 65″.


Models: ● F-LIFT 46 – capacity 60kg, TV to 46” – 4692 лв.
● F-LIFT 65 – capacity 65kg, TV to 65” – 5833 лв.

Best models of lifts for plasma and LCD TVs ranging from 26” to 46”. Used for installing a TV in a piece of furniture. It slides out from the inside when needed and then leaves the interior free of any devices. For interiors with „character”.


Advantages of the lift: makes interesting interior designs with a TV possible in distinctive interiors with free space and automation systems (intelligent home systems).Functionality: quiet, reliable operation; comfort of use; easy installation to a piece of furniture or wall; IR in standard.
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F-LIFT – instruction

A TV set rising from furniture.

The F-Lift 46 offers new opportunities in designing the interior of your home. Now you can conceal your TV in any item of furniture or a recess and put in on display only for the watching time. VIZ-ART TV Lift. F-Lift is the ideal way to keep the classical design of your interior or to create a modern and original space featuring modern technology. Make yourself stand out! The F-Lift for plasma and LCD TVs is the perfect solution!



 F-lifts open a whole world of opportunities for TV sets in interiors. Now your imagination is the limit for what you want the TV lift to do. A F-lift slides out and folds back a flat TV set, plasma, or LCD monitor in reaction to a signal from the remote.




  • exclusive interiors with any decoration
  • home cinema rooms
  • luxury yachts
  • manors, palaces, and castles
  • indispensable if using the EIB System

The F-lift slides a TV set out of the furniture for the duration of the projection. It is an exceptional way of emphasizing the uniqueness of the solutions selected and the comfort and luxury of the interior.

Select a piece of furniture, and F-lift will allow your TV to be mounted in an original way while preserving the furniture’s functionality. F-lift is a solution for any model and make of plasma and LCD TV sets.

We design and manufacture electric projector screens, frame screens, lifts for plasma TV sets and ceiling lifts for projectors. A feature of VIZ-ART is the original design and functionality of its screens and lifts, which makes us a leading supplier of equipment for prestige locations. In designing lifts and projection screens we pay attention to the comfort of the users and exceptional functionality. Success and satisfaction in installing audio and video equipment are a result of caring for the minutest details. And that is why details are so important for VIZ-ART. Our products are used by the most demanding audio and video retail stores. In designing projection screens and lifts we leave no room for compromise – it’s the details that count.