Viz-Art ADVANCED Monitor Lift 17

3 622 лв.

Моторизирана стойка за монитор за маса или бюро. Подходяща за офиси и конферентни зали. Модели за 17″, 19″, 24″ монитори


Viz-Art ADVANCED Monitor Lift 17

Models: ● ADVANCED 17 – capacity 8,5 kg, TV to 17”
● ADVANCED 19 – capacity 8,5 kg, TV to 19”
● ADVANCED 24 – capacity 8,5 kg, TV to 24”

Ceiling lift for large plasma TVs horizontally mounted in the ceiling. The television set is hidden above the ceiling and, at the touch of a button on the remote control, descends and then stops in the desired position. It meets the expectations of resolute and demanding users.




Advantages of the lift: chosen for elegant places with a plasma and LCD TV visible only when in use, quietly moves the TV to the desired position.

Functionality: original design; convenient and easy to use; installation in the ceiling; TV tilts by 105°, 230V; control options: IR, RF, Trigger, centralized control.