Future Automation MLI Inverted TV Lift

14 667 лв.

Моторизиран лифт за  TV. Вграждане в таван. Позволява уникални решения за дизайн на стаята.

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The Future Automation MLI Inverted TV Lift  is an extremely robust screen lifting solution, making it ideal for applications where extra strength is required.The electric flap lifts up into the cabinet by approximately 40mm [1.5″] before rolling back  in the cabinet. The screen is then lowered  through the aperture in the celiling. This  method of flap movement gives the neatest  possible appearance as there is no flap panel visible when the screen is in the viewing position.Once fully dropped, the base panel fills the aperture in the ceiling. Many size options are available allowing the most efficient cabinet dimensions  to be used for the chosen screen. Full cable management keeps all screen power and signal cables safe and secure during mechanism operation.Many mounting options are available for Loewe and Bang & Olufsen screens.An advanced control system allows the lift mechanism to be easily controlled via home automation systems such as Crestron and AMX. Two way communication is also possible via RS232.With MLIS mechanisms, up to 180of movement is possible in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions. Up to four angular positions can be stored in the mechanisms memory via the IR remote control.

Product Code MLI
Control Options RS232 / Contact Closure / IR (RF Available)
Decibel Rating 59dB
Max Screen Depth 155mm (6.10″)
Max Weight 120kg (265lbs)
Movement Type Motorised


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