Стойка за телевизор SANUS VLF628

800 лв.

Стойка за телевизор ( 46″ – 90″ / 116.84cm – 228.60cm) с монтаж на стена.

Перфектно позициониране на стената с лесен монтаж и скрити кабели.



The VLF628 full-motion+ mount lets you enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch. Tilt, swivel, extend and level your TV without the need for tools. Unsightly cables stay concealed, and tool-free assembly ensures a quick and easy installation. TV can slide from side-to-side for perfect positioning on the wall, and safety tab provides a safe and easy connection you can hear.

Product Features

  1. Easily adjust your TV without tools
  2. Enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch
  3. Hardware included
  4. Leveling adjustments allow TV to be perfectly positioned after hanging
  5. Our TV Mount products are Safety Tested and UL Certified
  6. Perfect for mounting your TV in a corner
  7. TV “clicks” into place for a safe connection you can hear

Take A Look At These Specs

Product Brand: SANUS
Model Code: VLF628
UPC Code: 793795530981 – Black
Product Width: 33.88″ / 86.06cm
Product Height: 20.16″ / 51.21cm
Product Depth: 3.25″ – 28.00″ / 8.26cm – 71.12cm
TV Size Range: 46″ – 90″ / 116.84cm – 228.60cm
Maximum TV Weight: 150lbs / 68.04kg
Universal Mounting: Yes | 200 x 200 through 600 x 400
Supported VESA Patterns
Tilt: 5° / -15°
Roll: 2° / -2°
Swivel: 90° / -90°


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