Стойка за телевизор SANUS VLF525

588 лв.

Стойка за телевизор (  51″ – 70″ / 129.54cm – 177.80cm) с монтаж на стена.

Перфектно позициониране на стената с лесен монтаж.



VLF525 is rated 4.3 out of 5 by 18.

SANUS Premium Series VLF525 full-motion mount lets you enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch. Tilt, swivel, extend and level your TV without the need for tools. Unsightly cables stay concealed, and tool-free assembly ensures a quick and easy installation. TV can slide from side-to-side for perfect positioning on the wall, and safety tab provides a safe and easy connection you can hear.

Product Features

  1. Easily adjust your TV without tools
  2. Enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch
  3. Hardware included
  4. Our TV Mount products are Safety Tested and UL Certified
  5. Perfect for mounting your TV in a corner
  6. Separate roll, tilt and swivel controls
  7. Slide TV side-to-side for perfect positioning on the wall
  8. Swivel your TV left and right for the perfect view
  9. TV “clicks” into place for a safe connection you can hear
  10. Tilt your TV for perfect viewing from the couch or floor

Take A Look At These Specs

Product Brand: SANUS
Model Code: VLF525
UPC Code: 793795526267 – Black – Discontinued
Product Width: 30.88″ / 78.44cm
Product Height: 18.65″ / 47.37cm
Product Depth: 3.62″ – 25.00″ / 9.19cm – 63.50cm
TV Size Range: 51″ – 70″ / 129.54cm – 177.80cm
Maximum TV Weight: 125lbs / 56.70kg
Universal Mounting: Yes | 300 x 200 through 700 x 400
Supported VESA Patterns
Pan: 90° / -90°
Tilt: 5° / -15°
Roll: 3° / -3°
Swivel: 90° / -90°

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