Viz-Art UP-LIFT lift

3 928 лв.

Моторизиран лифт с разгъване до 30см  за проектор до 30кг. Подходящ за конферентни зали, офиси, музеи, домашно кино, баня, SPA помещения, хотели.


Viz-Art UP-LIFT lift

Models: ● 30/300 capacity 30kg, extension 30cm

Lift for raising the projector for a presentation from the inside of a piece of furniture or a table.
After use the interior becomes free of any devices. For original interior arrangements, where design and uniqueness are important.

Advantages of the lift: underlines original ideas in unique and comfortable interiors. Can also used as a bar, in a bedroom or a home SPA.

Functionality: reliability; comfortable operation; simple installation; variety of applications; options: IR, RF, Trigger and RS232, for EIB, masking grill.

UP-LIFT – card PDF

A projector in the furniture?

UP-lift ejects projector with cabinet, conference table top to start the projection. After closing the UP-lift from the projector is completely invisible. For use in offices, Home Theater and the selected of furniture.

All this to accentuate the innovative character of your project and the original design of your interior.