Spectral Just Tango

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Серията Spectral Just Tango се предлага в 2 моделa с размери:

Just.Tango Tisch JST9040 (B90 x H40 x T56cm)

Just.Tango Tisch JST9025 (B90 x H25 x T56cm)

Перфектна и дизайнерска мебелна маса за дома  или офиса.
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Цените варират спрямо моделите и материалите на изработка. За актуална цена или оферта, моля да се свържите с нас.



Spectral Offers

Spectral offers you a plethora of possibilities when it comes to creating your own personal furniture. From a compact TV lowboard to a complete media wall unit. Let yourself be inspired on these pages by smart furniture solutions at our end customers.


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Just the way you like it

What do you really need to be happy? Ten thousand followers? Twenty types of gin? Eighty pairs of sneakers? If the answer is “just the right thing”, then Just by Spectral is your furniture. Just is timeless in design, super well thought out, high quality made in Germany and attractive in price. To do this, you can configure it online according to your ideas. Just sounds really good, doesn't it?

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