Мултирум Усилвател ArtSound – SMART HYDE

938 лв.

Bluetooth мултирум усилвател. Качествено решение за фоново озвучаване.


Мултирум Усилвател ArtSound – SMART HYDE

This SMART HYDE is just as easy to conceal as its little brother HYDE, but it is also smart. Small as it is, the world it gives you access to is enormous, via Spotify, BT, Airplay … Do you have any other devices in
the house? No problem, that’s what the AUX-in is for. It owes its powerful and cool sound to its digital amplifier. No wonder you want more than one of these in your home. You put them all in one network
and operate them from your couch with your tablet or smartphone.

Description : multiroom amplifier – class D, 2 x 50 W RMS (4Ω) THD 0,03% @1kHz 1W
Sources : Internet radio: > 10 000 stations worldwide music services: Spotify Connect, TuneIn, vTuner, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, … Bluetooth 5.0 Apple AirPlay NAS via UPnP/dlna
Input : Stereo RCA, optical, microUSB (DAC), USB (mass storage)
Output : stereo RCA + subwoofer
Tone control : volume, treble, bass
Functions : Alarm function / sleep timer
Internet connexion : LAN 10/100Mbit and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Operation : 4STREAM app (iOS + Android)
Power supply : 110 V – 240 V
Dimensions : 158 x 146 x 40 mm ( w x d x h)
Weight/piece : 0,54 kg

Мултирум Усилвател ArtSound - SMART HYDE

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