Advance Acoustic X-Preamp

2 090 лв.



Advance Acoustic X-Preamp


Честотна лента: 20 Hz – 150 KHz (+ 1 / -3 db)
Изкривяване THD: <0.05%
Входно ниво на изходното ниво на 1V: 250 mV RMS

Номиналното ниво на мощност: 3.5 V
Разделяне на канали: ≥ 80db
Съотношение сигнал / шум> 105db
Входно съпротивление: 14 кВт (Асиметрична)
Входно съпротивление: 38 кВт (Symmetrical)
Изходен импеданс: 10 кВт
Конвертор: Burr Brown PCM 1796: 16-24bits (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz , 96 kHz и 192 kHz)
USB конвертор B Asynchronous X-MOS: 24 бита х 192KHz

Захранване: 115 V / 230 V (автоматично превключване)
Стендбай консумация: 0,5 W
Тороидални трансформатор
Размери:10,8 cm х 43 см х 35,5
нетно тегло: 5.6 кг

New circuits, improved schematics, more music, more modern cosmetics.

– The X-Preamp regroups all the classical functions and technology of a High-End preamplifier. The numerous connections allow to link to different sources, Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs, MM phono input.

– The X-Preamp provides a high-end D/A converter Burr Brown PCM 1796, 24 bits x 192 kHz for Coax, Optical and AES/EBU inputs, as an USB – XMOS input ( asynchronous – XMOS 24 bits x 192 kHz ) in order to obtain from your MAC or PC the better musical performance. Plug your computer to listen audio files, the internet radios as streaming websites in High Fidelity.

– The X-Preamp provides a Tone Control as a balance. These circuits can be disconnected via a « Bypass ».

– A remote control device delivered with the X-Preamp will make it easier to use..

For better results, use ACS10 : XLR – Balance cable to connect X-Preamp to X-A160

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