Zidoo Z1000

740 лв.

Медия плеър Zidoo Z1000 – 4К 60P decoding, ARM Cortex A53 2.0GHz, 2GB DDR, 16GB eMMC, конектори:USB, RCA, HDMI IN.

Размери: 35см/26см/6см

Тегло: 3220гр.

По предварителна заявка


Zidoo Z1000

Aluminum alloy case
New upgraded Realtek 1296 Quad-core 64 A53 processor, 2G memory, 16GB eMMC super-large built-in storage, gigabit cable, 802.11ac 2T2R 867Mbps WIFI, Bluetooth 4.1.
Numerous interfaces:
SATA 3.0*2, USB 2.0*2, USB 3.0*2, Fiber optic *1, Oaxial *1, AV video output *1, Left and Right channel output *1 , RS232*1, HDMI OUT 2.0a *1, HDMI IN 2.0*1
Full-function backlight learning remote control
Front large LED display
Powerful peripheral extensions, Built-in SATA 3.0*1, External SATA 3.0*1, USB3.0*2, USB2.0*2
The new upgraded WIFI module supports 2T2R MIMO 867Mbps rate
Independent dual SATA 3.0 interface with a built-in NSS patent metal hard disk extractor
Intelligent temperature-controlled double ball silent cooling fan.
New technology of picture quality optimization engine and optimized HDR transfer algorithm can accurately restore original colors when playing 4K HDR even without HDR TV, and support the function of SDR mapping HDR
Accurate frame rate switching and automatic resolution switching (23.976,59.94,25,30,50,60)
4k 60p point-to-point output, wide-color domain HDR/HDR10, 10Bit color depth, 1.07 billion colors
True 4K 60P decoding, H.265 /HEVC 10bit hard solution
Support 4K UHD Blue-ray navigation,
Powerful subtitle function, support any change of fonts, a variety of color effect optional, support online download subtitles;Support both SUP and ASS effects captions.
Unparalleled Poster Wall function, automatic scanning, automatic category series films and TV series, can be customized layout.
Support non-destructive audio formats such as SACD,DFF,DSF, APE,FLAC,WAV, and support CUE rails;Support mobile control without opening display device to listen to music.
Breaking the android SRC limit, audio sampling rate is up to 192K output
Benefiting from ZIDOO’s deep collaboration with REALTEK and ZIDOO’s nearly two-year experience with REALTEK1295 based products, hundreds of thousands of users have feedback on their usage.
Support NFS,SMB V2,SMB V1 multiple sharing protocols
Support HTTP,RS232(can control ON/OFF),Control4 and many ways to control


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