Усилвател за Домашно Кино Earthquake Cinenova 7

6 115 лв.

7-канален усилвател за домашно кино.

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Earthquake Cinenova 7

Cinénova7 differs from its Cinénova Grande  7 counterpart in its power rating. Earthquake designed this amplifier because of the high demand it received from customers. With a monaural design, the At 8-ohms, the Cinénova7 outputs 170 WRMS measured with all channels driven. This is the perfect amount of power for most home theaters and can accommodate a diverse amount of audio set-ups. This rack-mountable amp will blend in perfectly with your existing system. And like all Cinénovas, the Cinénova7 is not just a purchase, it is an investment. Cinénova7 will provide you with true amplification no matter how your system changes and upgrades. With the increasingly popular surround sound audio format available with most movies, nobody needs to miss out on the true theater experience. Cinénova7 has a clear sound quality with low distortion.

Ultimate sound quality

  • Low distortion
  • Monaural design

Two years of research. Three new technologies. Earthquake Sound proudly presents the Cinénova 7 multichannel amplifier.

For years audiophiles have been asking for an amplifier rivaling the Cinénova Grande in audio excellence, but positioned in the 200 watt class. The Cinénova name represents the pinnacle of amplification regardless of price. Traditionally, listeners assume that a reduction in power and cost will influence the quality of sound. With a constant demand for this amplifier, Earthquake’s chief engineer Joseph Sahyoun descended into the Earthquake research laboratories determined to crack the code to the universe and design an amplifier with no compromise in sound quality and competitively priced.

Since its inception, the Cinénova design concept has been a tempered blend of traditional high-end virtues combined with innovative and novel circuitry design. Produced using in-house proprietary manufacturing techniques, this tradition lives on in the new Cinénova 7 with a completely monaural design and enhanced class AB operation. The result is industry leading efficiency making the Cinénova 7 a true green amplifier.

Several new technologies had to be created during the intense development process in order to miniaturize the Cinénova Grande reference design. Contrary to logical thinking you cannot scale down an amplifier and expect it to perform the same just at a lower power level. Since real world customers don’t play gentle on small, easy driven loudspeakers, high performance amplifiers have to be built and tested to the most rigorous standards. When lesser amplifiers are tested on low impedance, highly reactive speakers, they quickly lose control of the speaker cone. This results in muddy and distorted sound.

Earthquake engineers put prototype after prototype through rigorous and exhaustive testing. The conclusion was that even at 200 watts, the industry standard of 2 to 4 output transistors per channel simply was not sufficient to retain the taunt, punchy and distinctive woofer control that the Cinénova name has become synonymous with. The Cinénova 7 employs 8 massive output transistors per channel ensuring that even the most demanding speakers are held in an iron grip and any soundtrack is reproduced with dynamic precision and articulation.

During the research process for the Cinénova 7, three core technologies were developed to optimize the amplifier and elevate its performance above its class.[/expand]


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