Проектор Epson EH-LS10500 Laser 4K

Laser 4K Ultra HD Проектор с резолюция 16:9/Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080, Яркост 1,500 Lumen, Contrast Ratio – Absolute black

Размери: 550‎ x 553 x 238 mm (W x D x H)


Experience 4K Enhancement

Discover the best way to watch your favourite movies. Epson’s 4K enhancement technology takes your visual experience to a whole new level. It captures the finest intricacies and brings the most delicate patterns and details to life. The adjustable sharpness and detail enhancement deliver the optimal viewing experience – every time. It shows movies as they should be – the way the director intended.

The cutting-edge experience

Are you ready to discover the latest state-of-the-art technology for home cinema projectors?

High dynamic range presents the optimal visual experience by increasing the contrast ratio to deliver a far greater range between the darkest and lightest areas of the screen. It gives images more depth and allows you to see incredible detail that’s previously not been possible. But that’s not all; it enriches colours making images feel more natural yet intense, and ultimately, more immersive. With HDR support, you can now take advantage of the latest HDR content available.

Dual Laser Light Source

Thanks to a dual laser light source, combined with Epson’s latest 3LCD reflective panels, the image quality is enhanced beyond your expectations. The improved laser system increases the visual richness with its wider colour gamut and excels in producing more-intense, high-quality images.

The impressive lifespan of the laser light engine – up to 30,000 hours – and its minimal warm-up and cool-down time, provide an uncomplicated long-time operation.

3LCD Reflective Panel

The reflective panel is equipped with 0.74 type R-HTPS devices developed by Epson. With 3LCD it succeeds in creating superior colour and gradation. The reflective panel makes it possible to achieve high contrast as well and in combination with the increased aperture it delivers an exceptionally smooth visual performance.

Without 3LCD technology                                                             With 3LCD technology
Increased aperture ratio delivers smoother pictures

Without 3LCD technology                                                         With 3LCD technology
Exceptional contrast for richer blacks and brighter whites


You get a short focal length from as close as 283cm for a 100-inch (16:9) screen with a broad vertical shift range of 90% and 40% horizontally. The 2.1x zoom lens, with an optical shift feature, delivers superior image quality.

Key Features

  • Laser projector with 4K enhancement: Delivering the ultimate in picture quality
  • Watch the latest formats: HDR and UHD- BD support
  • Bright colours: Equally high White and Colour Light Output
  • Wide lens shift range: Powered zoom lens and several aspect ratios
  • Long-life light source: 30,000 hours in Eco mode

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